Disney dreaming
disneyland is my home <3 im in love with all things disney . but i also love meeting new people . im not mean message me sometime (;
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OMG , finally getting my annualpass back today. Haven’t been to Disneyland since FEBRUARY . it’s been way too long

My mom finally took me to see saving mr banks and I can proudly say I cried , aha my mom was laughing at me but then it even got to the point where she cried it was such a great movie to the point that I would so watch it again and again and again then go buy the movie , thank god Walt disney was born and made everything disney .. Without it I wouldn’t even know where my happy place would be or probably not even have one

orderingdessert asked: you have an annual pass ? :)


YESSS ! I sure do (;
That thing is my life

tigresswaves asked: i have a disneyland annual pass!!!!! :D


I’m so sorry I’m not really sure when you sent this i would’ve answered sooner aha but nice ! Do you go like very very often ?(:


i bet i know who’s behind this nationwide temperature drop


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